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High Tensile Spring Wire

Various Grades:

  • Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon (FD, TD and VD) (SiCr)
  • Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon Vanadium (FD, TD and VD) (SiCrV)

General Information:

The Pengg Group has developed a process that can achieve a higher tensile than wire heat treated on a conventional tempering furnace. Currently, the wire produced with this process is mainly used in the automotive industry for static high stress applications. The material can be shaved or unshaven depending on the surface quality required.

It is possible to treat valve quality material (SiCrNiV), however, this product would need to be developed with a customer that has a specific application requiring a higher tensile.

Below is an example of tensile achieved by size for Chrome Silicon Vanadium. ASWPengg is capable of producing wire from 2mm (.078”) to 7mm (.2756”).


ASWPengg High Tensile wire complies with EN 10270-2 with increased tensile.