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Special Shaped Wire


Shaped wire can be produced in square, rectangular, keystone, oval, elliptical, half-round, D-shape and other custom shapes. This wire can be produced in hard drawn or oil tempered condition.

General Information:

ASWPengg die drawn shaped wire is made of high carbon and alloy steels in special configurations to meet specific customer requirements for applications where uniformity and size dimensions are critical considerations. ASWPengg offers extensive capabilities in the manufacture of special configurations and tolerance restrictions, including an in-house die making facility equipped with the latest wire EDM equipment for the production of shaped dies.


Various applications from automotive components, die springs, clutch springs, etc.

Size Range:

Thickness: .075” (0.20mm)
Width: .500” (12.5mm)


ASWPengg die drawn wire meets all industry standards such as ASTM A-401, ASTM A-229 and ASTM A-1000. Size tolerances and configurations are held to specific customer requirements.