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Valve Spring Wire

Various Grades:

  • Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon Valve (9BV)
  • Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon Vanadium Valve (9MV)
  • Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon Vanadium Valve + Nickel (90VN)
  • Hard Drawn Chrome Silicon Valve (9BV)
  • Hard Drawn Chrome Silicon Vanadium Valve (9MV)
  • Hard Drawn Chrome Silicon Vanadium + Nickel (90VN)

General Information:

Valve spring wire is the highest quality wire available, and is manufactured to specifications that require superior surface quality, internal cleanliness and virtually no decarburization. All ASWPengg valve spring quality wire goes through a surface removal operation to eliminate seams, handling damage and decarburization from the rod. At the finished state, valve spring wire is eddy current tested for surface quality to a defect calibration level of .0015” (40 μm).


Valve spring wire is used for demanding applications that include dynamic loading at very high stress levels. Typical examples include springs for engine valves, automatic transmissions, clutch springs, fuel injectors, pumps, generators and air compressors. The rod used for this grade of wire offers minimal inclusion content and is appropriate for applications where anticipated stress or fatigue levels are severe.

Size Range:

.0315” – .315” (.8mm – 8.0mm) Produced in round, ovate and elliptical shapes.


ASWPengg valve spring wire complies with all industry specifications. These include: ASTM A-877,
Ford, GM, Chrysler, Caterpillar, JIS, DIN, E.N., and many customer specific wire specifications.